Laboratory Technician

Location: San Antonio, TX


The Laboratory Technician will perform a wide variety of assays or tests required to give quality accurate results for diagnostic testing. He/she will make scientific observations, maintain detailed workbooks/documentation, and ensure all documentation fulfills generally accepted professional/industry standards.

He/she will maintain an understand technological principles and applications of the organization’s services.


  • Responsible for having a broad working knowledge of lab policies and assays.
  • Conducts pre-designed assays using basic laboratory techniques and skills.
  • Independently conducts assigned test procedures within constraints of lab scheduling.
  • Receives samples from courier, addresses discrepancies, & logs the necessary information into the testing system.
  • Follow SOPs and relevant compliance regulations regarding safety procedures, documentation, and scientific responsibility.
  • Independently analyzes data and interprets results.
  • Advise supervisor of factors that may affect quality and usefulness of data.
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions to improve standard laboratory techniques, protocols, processes, and equipment.
  • Demonstrate consistently good communication and interpersonal skills with employees, management, and clients (where applicable)
  • Assist in training new staff members in performance of routine lab tasks.
  • Serve as a mentor to junior staff members.
  • Use and maintain scientific equipment, instrumentation, and computer systems.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Molecular (PCR):
    • DNA/RNA extraction of cells, blood, tissue, and/or feces using various extraction kits.
    • PCR amplification
    • Gel electrophoresis
    • Real time qPCR
    • New assay development
  • Immunology (Serology)
    • Serum dilutions and multichannel pipetting
    • Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
    • Western Blot
    • Immunofluorescent Assay
  • Reagents/Production
    • Serum dilutions and multichannel pipetting
    • Western Blot Development & Performance
    • Immunofluorescent Assay Development & Performance
    • Cell Tissue Culture
    • Antibody Titration
    • Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay Development & Performance.
    • Antigen Production
  • Bacteriology (Microbiology)
    • Inoculation of plates, broth, and agar slants
    • Colony isolation
    • Gram stain procedure
    • Use of assorted tests in the identification of bacteria.
    • Reporting of bacteriology results
  • Clinical Pathology
    • Functional knowledge of the chemistry analyzer
    • Functional knowledge of the CBC analyzer