Ron Berger, founder and president of VRL Laboratories recently named Dennis Pitts to succeed him. Mr. Berger will step into the Chairman’s role and leave day-to-day operations to Pitts while focusing on related business activities.

Pitts, currently Director of Business Development and Marketing joined VRL two years ago after working with VRL as an outside consultant focusing on sales and growth strategies.

Berger commented that, “Pitts’ scientific background combined with his marketing expertise has given VRL a strong vision for moving forward in the competitive area of animal diagnostic testing.” Pitts had stints as Director of Business Development at SNBL USA and Non-human Primate Manager at Harlan Laboratories. He holds a B.S degree from Purdue University in Animal Agribusiness and an EMBA from University of Wisconsin.

Pitts stated that he is, “ looking forward to the challenges of maintaining the quality operations currently in place and moving forward with plans to expand diagnostic testing offerings.” We have a talented and dedicated staff that I’ll continue to rely on to help execute our future plans. “It’s an exciting time and one that I very much look forward to,” he added.