Dennis Pitts, newly appointed president of VRL Laboratories, announced record-breaking growth in the first 9 months of 2019. According to Mr. Pitts, VRL has seen growth trends of nearly 28% in both non-human and rodent testing divisions.

He credits this growth to VRL’s increased presence in the marketplace including developing new products like a sample collection method along with services geared to meet the ever-changing customer needs of quick turnaround times combined with convenience.

According to Pitts, “as an independent laboratory, we strive to maintain the high-standards necessary in our business in providing objective analytical data. This goes beyond just having degreed personnel with the right certifications and accreditations. We invest considerable time and money to document our processes to ensure objectivity and accuracy.”

Pitts went on to say that you have to “run a tight ship” to meet the need for cost-effective pricing for the non-human primate and rodent testing services they offer while making sure you have properly trained personnel, quality control measurement programs, standardization and adoption of analytical methods and maintaining testing equipment.

“We’ll continue our singular focus of diagnostic testing, adding additional customer-centric services including testing services on Saturdays to meet customer demand,” Pitts added.