IGRA is the preferred method of early detection of M. tuberculosis. The TB blood test (IGRA) measures T cell-mediated immune response (the release of Interferon gamma, IFN-γ) by mixing Mycobacterium antigens with whole blood in vitro.
Detect it early. During the early M. tuberculosis infection stage, cellular immune responses play more dominate roles than humoral response when bacterial loads are low. IGRA is an in vitro blood test using memory T-cells released IFN- γ as a marker of M. tuberculosis infection.
What advantages can you expect from the VRL IGRA Test?
Increased Accuracy
Compared to TST testing, our interferon-gamma test offers high sensitivity and high specificity. This means fewer false negatives and positives for your critical research.
Reduced Cost
We offer customized solutions for your Animal Health programs. Always with the goal of decreasing cost and maximizing the program’s strength.
Quick Turn Around Times
With IGRA Testing, results can be delivered in as few as 4 days.
Availability When You Need It Most
We value our customer relationships, and that means being available when you need us most
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Test Code Test Name Specimen Required Comments
L157 TB-IFN-γ assay Minimal 4 ml lithium -heparin whole blood. Ship overnight at ambient temperature. Freshly collected blood needs to be transported to VRL-San Antonio laboratory within 28 hours after collection or sample will be rejected. Under no circumstances should blood be frozen.